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How Iran's Young Women Are Using Fashion To Influence Politics

Want to know about Iran? Pay attention to fashion trends.

This is the stereotypical image of women in Iran

For women in Iran, wearing a hijab is mandatory

There are many types of hijabs

The chador is the most common type in Iran

Many women are subversively working within the rules to express themselves in bold new ways

Fashion designers are turning the classic hijab into something more chic

One of Iran's most popular brands is Poosh Fashion, designed by Farnaz Abdoli

These new styles are even becoming issues in Iran's elections – and these young women have found an ally in Iran's new president

To be sure, women have a long way to go in Iran until they're treated equally

"The revolution was a rejection of Westernization, including its mini-skirts and make-up," says Maral Noori. "Many women then still clung to tradition—at a time that literacy among women was just over 40 percent, according to the World Bank. Now, it's just the reverse, a reflection of the growing dynamism – and education -- among Iran's women. More than 95 percent of females between 15 and 24 are now literate, over double the number who could read and write in the mid-1970s.

"They accounted for more than 60 percent of all university students until 2012, when ultraconservatives under former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad restricted women from studying 77 subjects--including engineering, education, and counseling—at 36 universities. The subjects were reportedly too 'manly.'"

But for Iranian women, the simple act of wearing vibrant colors confidently is subversive

They are taking something that is often considered repressive, and using it as a way to express themselves – which may be truly revolutionary