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9 Political Cartoons Showing The US-Iran Gap

As nuclear talks make progress, there's a real difference between the way it's being covered in Iran compared to its American coverage.

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This one shows Iranian negotiator Javad Zarif with a weak backbone


It reads: "From now on, heavy work, like talks with America and the European Union, is forbidden. You can only do light work..."

The Iran Primer explains: "Zarif attended the first round of talks in a wheelchair due to intense back pain. He attributed the muscle spasms to stress from hardliner criticism of his meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry in September in New York."

Here, France seen as a tool of the Saudis – blocking Iran and the US from talking

After the last round of talks failed due to last-second stipulations from France (and talk of a Saudi-France-Israel alliance), many in Tehran see France as an impediment to progress in the negotiations.