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    29 Everyday Products You Didn't Know Contain Nanomaterials

    Nano-science is everywhere, from khakis, to glue, to toothpaste, to soy milk.

    First, what is nanoscience?

    Nanotechnology is the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules to engineer microscopic devices.

    Nanomaterials, similarly, are chemicals and substances manufactured on the same microscopic nano- scale.

    And you use it every day, in all sorts of ways you don't even realize

    Here are some examples:

    1. Elmer's Glue

    2. Daisy Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

    3. Burt's Bees chemical-free sunscreen SPF 15

    4. Albertsons Coffee Creamer

    5. Dockers Go Khaki

    6. Dannon Greek Plain Yogurt

    7. Eclipse Spearmint Gum

    8. Dove "Powder" Deodorant

    9. Aquafresh toothpaste

    10. Betty Crocker Whipped Cream Frosting

    11. Hyundai Wacor Foot Massager

    12. Wishbone Ranch Dressing

    13. Colgate toothpaste

    14. Dentyne Ice gum

    15. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch sunscreen

    16. Miracle Whip

    17. Peeps

    18. Fiber One cereal

    19. Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 shampoo

    20. Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

    21. Old Spice High Endurance deodorant

    22. Breathsavers Mints

    23. Intel Core Duo Processor

    24. Kraft American singles

    25. Kool-Aid Lemonade

    26. Silk Vanilla Soydrink

    27. Aveeno Continous Protection Sunblock

    28. Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes

    29. Oreos