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“Life Is Like A Bottle Of Whisky”

“Life is like a Bottle of Whisky”…..Ok........Stay with us on this one......let us explain!

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Then comes some Malting, Grinding & Fermentation…..Kinky

Through a smoky hot ritual called Malting, the barley is allowed to germinate, before being ground down to produce a floury substance called grist. Hot steamy water is added to the grist which produces a sugary sweet juice known as Wort. Yeast is then added to wort which sparks the fermentation process, producing an alcoholic liquid similar to beer.

Distillation – The miracle of birth

Like a baby in the womb, this beer-like-liquid then spends time being distilled in large round copper containers known as Stills. During the process of distillation, the liquid is transformed into the spirit we know as whisky.

Ageing – The Defining of who we are

At this stage the whisky is placed into great big wooden barrels, commonly known as Casks. Here the whisky will spend many years ageing and maturing into the whisky’s that we all know and love.

The casks, like the life’s we lead through to adulthood, mould, shape and define the whisky; adding unique flavours, character and personality.