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Wow, Such Voting For The 2014 Webby Awards “Meme Of The Year”

"The Web is only as miraculous as its memes," goes the saying we just made up. But it's true that memes are like spontaneous little miracles that connect us all. That's why we need you to cast judgment and help The Webby Awards and BuzzFeed decide which meme was this year's best.

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The hilarious Patton Oswalt is hosting this year's Webby Awards with appearances and hallmark 5-Word Speeches by De La Soul, Freddie Wong, Lawrence Lessig, the Jamaican Bobsled Team, and more.

Subscribe to our YouTube page to see the funniest moments and highlights from the 18th Annual Webby Awards, available May 20th. We'll announce which meme reigns supreme right here on BuzzFeed.


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