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Such Win: Doge Is The 2014 Meme Of The Year

It was a tight race...for about 3 minutes. The BuzzFeed community cast thousands of votes and Doge claimed the Meme of the Year title in a landslide, making history as the first non-cat meme to do so.

The Webby Awards • 5 years ago

Wow, Such Voting For The 2014 Webby Awards “Meme Of The Year”

"The Web is only as miraculous as its memes," goes the saying we just made up. But it's true that memes are like spontaneous little miracles that connect us all. That's why we need you to cast judgment and help The Webby Awards and BuzzFeed decide which meme was this year's best.

The Webby Awards • 5 years ago

Ermahgerd Meme Of The Year!

As citizens of the Internet, memes are the ties that bind us us all. That's why we need you to do your civic duty and vote for this year's best. Help BuzzFeed and The Webby Awards elect this year's Meme of the Year.

The Webby Awards • 6 years ago

Watch The 16th Annual Webby Awards LIVE

Who will win Meme Of The Year? Check out live coverage of the show on @Buzzfeed and watch it yourself at

Vote For The Webby Awards "Meme Of The Year"

What was the Meme Of The Year? BuzzFeed is partnering with the Webby Awards to let you choose your favorite. Get your vote on and make sure you watch The Webbys streaming LIVE on May 21st to see who wins.

The Webby Awards • 7 years ago

BuzzFeed Livestreams The Webbys On June 13th!

Watch the Webbys with BuzzFeed! Our Facebook page is gonna be full of wacky Webbys fun -- you need to be there.

The Webby Awards • 8 years ago