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23 Everyday Situations We Would Love To Be Rescued From

Get me out of here! You may not be able to escape these everyday situations, but you can check out some incredible rescues on this season of Coast Guard Florida. Only on The Weather Channel.

1. When You Get Stuck In The Rain Without An Umbrella

2. When You Knock Over Your Drink

3. When You're At The Store

4. When You're Out On Your Boat

5. When You're Having A Bad Hair Day

6. When You're On Your Way To Work

7. When Someone Snatches Your Seat

8. When You Get On A Crowded Elevator And It's Stopping At Every Floor

9. When The Subway Just Isn't Coming

10. When You Send This Text

11. When You Go For A Cruise

12. When He Makes "That" Toast

13. When It's Your Birthday Dinner And All The Waiters Gather 'Round

14. When Your Friend Gets You A Ticket To The Big Fight

15. When There's A Long Line And You Really Have To Go

16. When Your Grandma Hits You Up On Facebook

17. When Everyone Else Is Having A Great Time

18. When The New Neighbors Move In Next Door

19. When The Wind Picks Up

20. When You Can't Find A Parking Spot

21. When You're Just Trying To Fish

22. When Your Blind Date Shows Up

23. And This

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