13 Stages Of Summer Love

Ahh summer, love is in the air once again. We’ve all been there, that summer romance that we can never seem to forget. But really, do we want to?

1. You think about your crush constantly.

You are also a borderline stalker and know everything about them even though you’ve never actually met.

2. Every time you see them you're filled with anxiety.

Some people call them “butterflies”, you call it “torture”.

3. When they finally talk to you, you have no idea what to say.

OMG OMG OMG, you’re just so happy.

4. Things start moving super fast.

There’s no time to waste, summer is short!

5. The first time you kiss is the "best day of your life".

At least that’s what you tell all your friends…over and over and over again.

7. You spend as much time as possible together before leaving at the end of the summer.

You literally do everything together and it drives your friends crazy.

8. Your parents are upset with you for not spending any time with them.

But you’re like…”I don’t even CARE.”

9. You promise you'll totally keep in touch during the year.

Skype, Facebook, texting, whatever it takes!

10. When autumn comes and you go back home you stay up all night talking to them online.


11. You cry for days because you miss them so much.


12. But eventually you just start to lose interest and carry on with your life.

You start hanging out with your non-summer friends, concentrating on school work, and generally getting back into the groove of real life.

13. You're not too heartbroken, you know that there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

There’s always next summer!

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