11 Reasons Why Your Mom’s Boyfriend Is The Absolute Worst

Sure he’s nice, he makes your mom happy, and he is super respectful to you and your family. Still though, he is the worst.

1. Your mom's boyfriend thinks he's SO cool and hilarious.

2. You can't understand what your mom even sees in him.

He’s such a nerd.

3. He's always embarrassing you, no matter where you go…

4. …And he's constantly trying way too hard to be "cool".

5. He is usually messing things up and it's beyond annoying.

6. …SO annoying.

7. But he does TRY…

8. …And he has his own way of doing things…

9. Sometimes you want to mess with him, just to make his life more difficult.

10. But he's actually not THAT bad…

11. Don't worry, we won't tell him that you think he's actually kinda fun sometimes.

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