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10 Signs It's Time For A Career Change

Did your inner voice just clear its throat?

We all have yearnings. Hankerings, even. But how do you know whether to act on them? Simple. Read this article, and see how many of the following apply to you.

1. Your least favourite part of the day? The moment when your alarm goes off.

2. You spend more time on job boards than on your actual work.

3. You talk to someone at a party who’s truly passionate about what they do and realise you want to feel the same way too.

4. The little voice in your head which whispers about this other career you have a yearning for is getting louder and louder and LOUDER and LOUDER.

5. When colleagues resign, you’re happy for them. Like, really happy for them.

6. You start pushing your lunch hour to 1:05, then 1:10, 1:15...

7. You may be putting lots of energy into your fitness or your hobbies since you’re not putting it into your work.

8. You can’t focus at work. In fact, you often find yourself reading the same sentence twice. In fact, you often find yourself reading the same sentence twice.

9. That thing you always wanted to do when you were growing up? You suddenly realise you’re not doing it.

10. Your mind is constantly occupied by the thought that you’re not getting paid enough (scientific explanation – if you’re not enjoying your job, then money becomes the only motivation).

Illustrations by Chris Hull / BuzzFeed

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