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Weird And Awesome Jem (And Misfits) Fan Art

In celebration of Jem’s triumphant return to television I thought it would be fun to take a look at some Jem fan-art. 'Cause finding rad and effed up fan art is what I do now. (Via The Uniblog)

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  • First Some Jem and The Holograms Art

    Not the Porn Star

  • Camila Fortuna

  • Betsy Luntao

  • Devon Cady-Lee

  • Diana Sprinkle

  • Garret Blair

  • Haven9270

  • Runic1

  • Sho

  • Walko

  • MrOrozco

  • Spicy Stewed Demon

  • Alex Amezcua

  • Demitry Belmont

  • Mark Welser

  • Nate Baertsch

  • Eleng Wat

  • Chan JP

  • Rachel Z

  • Shannon Andrews

  • BW Inc

  • Unknown

  • Now time for the band youre really loyal to, The Misfits


  • Rebecca R. Palmer

  • Strawberry Jeli

  • Animator SC

  • Not the Porn Star

  • Knightmare10880

  • Mythical Mommy

  • Digital Lumberjack

  • Loston Wallace

  • d31r8x3

  • masamune7905

  • Paigey

  • And then, does anyone remember The Stingers?

    Amy Mebberson