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    Nyan Cat In A Bottle

    Black Mago is a multi-media artist who creates teeny sculptures and puts them inside the tiniest of bottles. The bottles feature things like Pokemon, Kappas, Nyan Cat and even a few Studio Ghibli creatures. (via The Uniblog)

    • 1. Nano Kodama

      Nano Kodama

    • 2. Nano Pikachu

      Nano Pikachu

    • 3. Tonari No Totoro

      Tonari No Totoro

    • 4. Kaonashi And Ootorisama

      Kaonashi And Ootorisama

    • 5. Bringael Kappa

      Bringael Kappa

    • 6. Nano Charmander

      Nano Charmander

    • 7. Nano Totoro

      Nano Totoro

    • 8. NyanCat