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More ‘Bring Me Strange Fan-Art’ In Your Lives

So here is some more strange fan-art from the SA Forums and anywhere else I can find it. I source what I can, but if you know any of these tell me in the comments. Miss any past segments? (Via The Uniblog)

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  • The Truth is Out There by Jasinski

  • Sesame Street as Batman Villains by Unknown

  • Semi Realistic Ursula by Adam Hughes

  • Goth-Baby Batman and Superman by Berk Öztürk

  • Thomas the Transformer by Unknown

  • Donald IRL by CAMERON1395

  • Fat Batgirl and Oracle by Unknown

  • Disney vs Capcom by C. Clancy

  • Choose Wisely by Unknown

  • Wild Adventure Time by Tara Billinger

  • Manly Link by GENZOMAN

  • Robrocop by Unknown

  • Rocker Joker and Harley by Unknown

  • New Hair Cut Mareline by Emmy Cicierega

  • Sultry Smurfette by gunnmgally

  • Hal Rides a Yoshi by M7781

  • Shin-Chan Meets The Simpsons by Unknown

  • Gender-Swap Asterix and Obelix by Unknown

  • Dark Inspector Gadget by Ruben Devela

  • Japanesey Ronald McDonald by Unknown

  • Dumbledore is Fabulous by Jonathan Hoffman

  • Koopa Pool Party by Chemical Alia

  • Ballerina Spider-Man by Lora8

  • Lost Tiki by David MacDowell

  • Mario is Angsty by Emroca

  • Street Fighter Thugs by Bobby Chiu

  • Gary Busey of Oz by Unknown

  • Cowboy Bebop/Pulp Fiction Mash Up by Thomas Arneman