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Green Lantern and The Lantern Corps Mash-Up Fan-Art

In celebration (or in spite) of the release of the new Green Lantern movie I thought I would delve into the world of Lantern Corp Mash-Up Fan-Art. In case you didn’t know, there is now a bunch of different lantern types of different colors. Wikipedia that shit, it gets complicated. (via The Uniblog)

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  • Cereal Lanterns by Laura Truxillo

  • Sinestro Corps Beast by Andrew Charipar

    (Yellow, Fear)

  • Sinestro Corps Darth Vader by Andrew Charipar

  • Star Sapphire Captain Kirk by Andrew Charipar

    (Violet, Love)

  • Red Lantern Corps Hulk by Daffy69

    (Red, Rage)

  • Sinestro Corps Wolverine by Daffy69

  • Anime Chick Lanterns by DesingAHV

    (Including Sailor Moon as an Indigo Tribe Member, Compassion)

  • Green Lantern Kim Possible by FitzOblong

    (Green, Willpower)

  • Jasmine Green Lantern by Gary Anderson

  • Sinestro Corps Cthulhu by Josh C Lyman

  • Random Lantern Corps Members by Hermesgildo

    (I know I have put this one up before)

  • Pony Lanterns by Lord Hierarch

  • Sesame Lanterns by Michael Magtanong

    (Including Grover as a Blue Lantern Corps member, Hope)

  • Orange Lantern Corps Taz by skyraptor

    (Orange, Avarice)

  • Adventure Time Lanterns by SnooPINGELson Jr.

    (Including Marceline as a Black Lantern, Death)

  • Green Lantern Elisa Maza by Stephen R. Sobotka

  • Anime Green Lanterns by Terry Jones

  • Green Lantern Iron Many by StarDragon77

  • Ninja Turtle Lanterns by Kurayami no Kitsune

    More Strange Fan-Art Here