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    Fan-Art Nouveau

    Combining Art Nouveau with fan-art is a great way to class up your tried and true pop-culture figures! Let's look at a bunch of fun examples! (Via The Uniblog)

    • Xena

      By Karinkanzuki

    • Chun Li

      By Razvan-Sedekiah

    • Madonna

      By Kusabear

    • Tiana

      By ProbablyMabey

    • Slave Leia

      By Adam Hughes

    • Death

      By Kim Sokol

    • Dune

      By Shea Standefer

    • Iron Man

      John Tyler Christopher

    • Miss Piggy

      By Valedelven

    • Mystique

      By Megan Lara

    • Labrynth

      By Janey Jane

    • Princess Peach

      By Megan Lara

    • Phoenix

      By Megan Lara

    • Poison Ivy

      By John Tyler Christopher

    • Totoro

      By Jdesigns79

    • Witchblade

      By Lucius Ferguson

    • Zelda

      By Megan Lara

    • Samus

      By Megan Lara

    • Amy Pond

      By Bill Mudron