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Celebrate Mother’s Day With 10 Sci-Fi Plushies (for Mom!)

I know my Mom loves Stuffed Animals! I am sure yours does too. Consider purchasing some of the cutest critters in Sci-Fi in plush form for her. I have some suggestions for you! via The Uniblog.

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  • 1. Ewoks from Star Wars

  • 2. Jake from Adventure Time

  • 3. Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes

    It is debatable whether this is sci-fi, but whateves.

  • 4. Ein from Cowboy Bebop

  • 5. Chewbacca, also from Star Wars

  • 6. Max from Sam and Max

  • 7. Gizmo from Gremlins


  • 8. Luna from Sailor Moon

  • 9. Snarf from Thundercats

  • 10. Tribbles from Star Trek

    Cute and, if she isn't familiar with them, confusing!