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Bring Me The Strangest Fan Art

The very finest results from my wanderings around Something Awful's Strange Fan-Art thread. If any of you recognize sources for these, please add them in the comments. (SomethingAwful, via The Uniblog)

  • Muscular Princess Peach

  • My Little Ponies as Humans

  • Biblical He-Man

  • Teen Batman Villians

  • Gargoyle Batman Ladies

  • Cartoony Zelda

  • Gender-Swap Joker and Harley Quinn

  • Realistic Pikachu

  • Realisitic Bearnstein Bears

  • Bill and Ted vs The Daleks

  • Mimimimimimimimimi Batman!

  • Yellow Lantern Stephen Colbert

  • Bruce Timm Style Thundercats

  • Batman Meets The Doctor

    By Dean Trippe

  • Badass Scooby Gang

  • Grown-Up/Gender-Swap South Park (eh?)

  • Tiny Villians

  • Batman as Totoro

  • Kermit and Yoda in the Swamp