• Shoujo Anime Marvel Heroes

  • Girlier Lumpy Space Princess

  • Sponge Homer Super Sayan

    The holy grail of fan-art

  • Realistic Calvin and Hobbes

  • Creepy Winnie the Pooh vs Calvin and Hobbes

    By Kizer

  • Gender-Swap Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans

  • Wiggins Comforts Governor Ratcliffe

    From Pocahantas in case you didn’t recognize it.

  • Mass Effect Meets Beauty and the Beast

  • Golden Book Pikachu

  • Enchantress and Thor Frog

    Thor really did turn into a frog for a couple comics.

  • Scary Video Game Totoro

  • Awesome EarthBound/Mother Art

  • Weird Sexy Time My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash

  • Venture Time

  • Tough Guy Cloud from Final Fantasy

  • Barber Bugs w/ Ghost Rider and Lex Luthor

    Make sure to read Lex’s magazine.

  • Shaggy Lights up Toothless

  • Sith Disney Princesses

  • Atticus Finch Parties with Tupac and BIG

  • Darkwing…Duck.

  • Tintin by Mike Mignola

    I don’t know if this is just in the style of Mike Mignola or not.

  • He-Man on the Toilet