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    Bring Me Strange Fan-Art Is Back … Again!

    It is time once again for more fan-art from the underbelly of the Something Awful Forums! Here are more crazy, fantastic, eye searing fan-art for your faces. Note: Most of these don’t have sources, if you know them comment please. (Via The Uniblog)

    • Gundam Snow White

      What is this I don't even.

    • Sexy Times? Captain Hook

    • Anime Lady Gaga

      Mako Fufu

    • BSG Muppets

    • Fight Club/Calvin and Hobbes Mash Up

    • Semi-Realistic Helga

    • Avatar gone Gargoyles

      Fan artists have a thing for Gargoyles.

    • Batvader

    • Bowzilla

    • Browncoat Records


    • Pee Wee!

    • How Does This Exist Venom

    • Bill Murray as Spiderman

      It just seems right.

    • Comic Fight Club

    • Action Conan

    • Furry Contact

      Where would a strange fan-art thread be without a Furry picture.

    • Dr. Dogtopus


    • Lebowski Wars

    • Teen He-Man

    • Fat Albert Vore

      If you don't know what vore is, don't look it up.

    • Hangover X-Men


    • Mignola Style Hellboy, Spawn and Batman

      Justin Wood

    • Busty He-Man

    • Transformer Bender

    • Old Timey Pokemon

    • Extra-Monstery Pokemon

      I love the little Pikachu in there.

    • Classic X-Men Cover Pixar Mash-Cup

      Mike Henderson

    • Moustached Batman