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'Bring Me Strange And Awesome Fan-Art' Rides Again

Time to put up more Fun, Weird, and Unsettling art from the inner depths of the internet. Your favorite guys and gals from pop culture have been tweaked, mismatched and mutilated beyond repair for your entertainment. Go, be entertained. Miss a past segment?

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  • Sexy Rosie the Robot 14-bis

  • Ariel and Captain Jack Amanda Lynn Cook

  • Daisy the Sex Pot Amy Mebberson

  • Harry <3s Malfoy Anna Shellkova

  • Scary Cookie Monster Austen Mengler

  • Cute Beauty and the Beast Captain Alec

  • Tough Mario and Gang Charles Holbert Jr.

  • Cereal Guys by Chunky Smurf

  • Fat Daphne and Velma by Clinton Jackson White

  • Tough Shaggy by Coran Kizer Stone

  • Beauty and the Best + Twilight by Daezku

  • Bat Crash by Dan Hipp

  • Doctor vs Doctor by Dan McDaid and Dean Trippe

  • The Super Kiss by Daniel Irizarri Oquendo

  • Steroids Sailor Jupiter by Dirk Erik Schulz

  • Bubblegum Krang by Dj Bisarulz

  • Mario the Perv by E. D. Thweatt

  • Wapeach and Wadaisy by elazuls-core

  • Nightmares by Evgeny Yakovlev

  • 300 Ponies and Pokemon by Flick-the-Thief

  • Fire and Ice Cream by Glen Brogan

  • Scary Teletubby by Greco Westermann

  • The Demon Barber of Sesame Street by Hedgehog-Beeblebrox

    (yeah I know Piggy didnt live on Sesame Street)

  • Cobra Wants You! by Jason Edmiston

  • Lady Dahlsim by Jeff Wamester

  • Gender Swap Gambit and Rogue by Kat Laurange

  • Watch Dog Sarah Palin by Kevin Wada

  • Hipster Jubilee by KickSatanOut

  • Pimpin Pink by Loston Wallace

  • Stylized Little Mermaid by Mario Graciotti