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Tori Amos' 10 Coolest Covers

From her teenage days playing standards in Washington, D.C. gay bars, Tori Amos has been enchanting listeners with covers of often unlikely songs.

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1. "We Float" — PJ Harvey

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Always nice to see Tori pay tribute to one of her contemporaries. One of her more inventive covers, and of course you have to love any time she switches instruments mid-song.

2. "Wicked Games"/"Blue Jeans" — Chris Isaak/Lana Del Rey

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"Wicked Games" has been begging for a Tori cover all these years. Mash in a little Lana and we've landed on something special.

3. "Black" — Pearl Jam

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Love how this song is Tori-ized, especially in the end, showing off her rich vocals. She's only played this song once.

4. "Enjoy the Silence" — Depeche Mode

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Oh, the heartache, the longing in this stripped down version. By the end, the listener is convinced that all Tori ever wanted/needed is, in fact, there in her arms.

5. "Philadelphia" — Neil Young

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Emanating the emotion of the original version. She performed this song in Philadelphia, naturally.

6. "Karma Police" — Radiohead

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Better than her "Creep" cover?

7. "Take My Breath Away" — Berlin

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Tori really works her lower register in this karaoke-favorite.

8. "Eyes Without A Face" — Billy Idol

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Comes complete with tales of a song she co-wrote with American Idol's Randy Jackson and a Billy Idol audition. (Those were two unrelated "idols" in the same sentence, btw.)

9. "Frozen" — Madonna

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She had previously covered "Like A Prayer" and "Live To Tell," but this was an extremely pleasant surprise. Maybe "Oh Father" next time? Please?

10. "Thank You" — Led Zeppelin

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Tori famously loves Led Zeppelin and had quite the crush on Robert Plant as a teenager, noting how he influenced her trademark piano bench writhe. From her 1992 Montreux Jazz Festival performance.

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