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    This Years 20 Best April Fools PR Pranks

    It's that time of year where marketeers have spent hours sat in brainstorms in an attempt to bash out the best ideas that will get the most column inches, shares, likes, retweets and favourites on just one day, April Fools Day. Here are some of the best from 2014.

    1. Domino's announce the launch of the world's first edible pizza box


    After conducting customer surveys, the brand apparently found that the crust is the most popular part of the pizza experience, and also that the majority of Domino’s devotees crave extra crust once they’ve finished their meal. Now, with every future delivery, you’ll supposedly see the Edibox upgrade option: double the dough to enjoy alongside double the glorious garlic and herb dip.

    And the best bit? You won’t have to fight to fit that square box into a round bin – this is a waste-free dining experience.

    2. Google+ reveal a new feature, the +David Hasselhoff photobomb


    Google+ unveiled its Auto Awesome Photobombs function where celebrities can make a spontaneous appearance in your pictures, starting with +David Hasselhoff, everyone’s favourite crime-fighting rockstar lifeguard.

    You can also mention +David Hasselhoff in your public posts and comments and if you’re lucky he’ll add some awesome to the conversation.

    3. The Manhattan Grill's "Eau De Fillet" steak-infused cologne.


    The Manhattan Grill in London's West India Quay have claimed that they're about to launch a men's cologne, called 'Eau De Fillet,' which is said to be infused with the bold and irresistible fragrance of steak, with gentle notes of gravy and bone marrow.

    The liquid is "the deep red of a manly, rare and bloody steak" and like steak, the cologne promises to boost levels of reward hormone dopamine and norepinephrine, which increases the heart rate and acts as an aphrodisiac. It's also doubly handy for the bedroom, because the fragrance contains as much Zinc as a seven pound fillet, which has been proven to prevent impotence.

    4. Specsavers reveal Mona Lisa was the first ever person to wear contact lenses

    Via Twitter: @Specsavers

    The high-street optician have 'found' evidence that one of the world's most famous paintings shows that Mona Lisa actually wore contact lenses.

    5. Morphsuits brings military tech to masses with real life ‘invisibility suit’


    Morphsuits are apparently launching the first ever costume designed to make the wearer entirely invisible to the naked eye. The suit, dubbed ‘Hollow Man Morphsuit’ has undergone over three years of research and development using a blend of technologies developed by the company’s ex-NASA engineer, Mark Rober.

    The 'ground-breaking outfit,' covers the wearer from head to toe combining advanced image projection and ‘light bending’ technology to give the illusion of total invisibility even when moving. The suit consists of an engineered material fused with spandex, thousands of micro-LEDs and mirrors, and dozens of small cameras capturing required angles to ‘project through’ the wearer.

    6. Netflix launch new original movie "Sizzling Bacon - 20 lip-smacking mins of bacon frying in a pan"


    Netflix have launched a new original movie in the US, "Sizzling Bacon" which is basically just 20 minutes of bacon frying in a pan.

    Explaining that the boundaries of TV and time go up in smoke with this tasteful, "Memento"-style puzzle, you have until tomorrow to enjoy this before it is removed from the streaming site.

    7. Thorpe Park open the world's first dog friendly theme park

    Via Twitter: @THORPEPARK

    Everyones favourite adventure theme park, Thorpe Park has opened its gates to man's best friend following requests from dog owners and visitors. Enabling our four-legged friends the chance to enjoy some of the thrilling rollercoasters and rides on offer, so it invited five of the UK's most daring dogs to trial the park.

    The theme park is said to also offer a five-star kennel service alongside the new Thorpe Shark Hotel for canines and will also offer doggy drinks and snacks to keep them refreshed.

    8. bathstore launches world's first selfie mirror, Mirrorgram


    bathstore have claimed that their exclusive technology allows you to turn your every reflection into stunning vintage snaps using a digital camera installed behind a one-way mirror, so you can strike a pose and share it with the world. Featuring a range of filters that will apparently let you take photography back decades, or even centuries, with sepia tones, grainy effects and special frames which make it look like it didn't develop properly.

    Mirrorgram connects directly to the internet, so you could Tweet in your towel and Facebook while you floss.

    9. Walkers 'Flavacator' enables you to taste their crisps through your screen

    Via Twitter: @walkers_crisps

    Ready Salted? Prawn Cocktail? Smoky Bacon? Just download Walkers 'Flavacator' app and you can taste our crisps through your smartphone screen...

    10. Firebox release the Katie Hopkins' Talking Head


    The self-branded "slunt", famous for being fired from the Apprentice and generally getting up everyone's nose, has now been made into this Katie Hopkins' Talking Head

    Fancy a mindless and snobby debate? Say absolutely anything and she'll immediately oppose it with a mad, sensationalist opinion. Featuring a built-in motion sensor, she yells attention-seeking drivel every time you walk past!

    Made from a saggy and durable rubber, this almost life-like bust is programmed with over 5000 cringe-worthy quotes. Re-assuringly offensive and guaranteed to end up in the trash.

    11. Tesco unveil the worlds first tablet for two


    Tesco's new tablet is said to include all the features of their award-winning Hudl with the addition of a 'groundbreaking' tether that couples two devices, for couples. Ideal for those who want their online time to become quality time.

    Could this tablet-to-tablet shareability be best thing for relationships since the Finest dinner-for-two deal?

    12. Samsung lauches pigeon Wi-Fi service, "Fli-Fi"


    Having developed 'revolutionary' new micro-routers, Samsung are apparently bringing free Wi-Fi to London that is not only strong but also available everywhere by using pigeons that carry the 26 gram routers.

    Explaining that this method proved viable, since they’re everywhere and non-migratory, so coverage wont fly south for the winter, Samsung are said to be launching this service on Trafalgar square and if the pilot scheme is successful, they will roll out the network across the entire UK....

    13. Tetley to launch the world's first biscuit flavoured tea

    Via Twitter: @tetley_teafolk

    As we all know, dunking biscuits in a brew is a delicious but also dangerous treat that often results the whole thing breaking off and filling you cup with soggy crumbs. Thankfully, Tetley have come to rescue combining the two, to create the biscuit flavoured tea.

    No dunking required.

    14. UK unveil the next big trend for the global hotel industry, vertical beds

    Via Twitter: @HotelsdotcomUK

    Pioneering vertical sleep pods, have taken the next logical step in utilising all available space by bridging the gap between supply and demand said to meet the needs of hoteliers and travellers alike.

    The bespoke sleep pods feature a padded bungee strap including 'revolutionary' head support to ensure user safety, ventilation holes for comfort and hygiene as a sumptuously soft lined interior. All this and it fits in a wardrobe.

    15. Nescafe launch tootpaste with deep cleansing coffee sparks

    Via Twitter: @NESCAFE

    Tired of choosing between the taste of coffee before or after you've brushed your teeth? Now, thanks to Nescafe you no long have to.

    Said to include deep cleansing coffee sparks, you'll not only have clean knashers but you can get your morning caffeine fix at the same time.

    16. Virgin Trains reveal renaming of their Wolverhampton station

    Via Twitter: @VirginTrains

    Unveiling the renaming of Wolverhampton Station to Wolverine Station, Virgin Trains have this timely announcement ahead of the latest X-Men film which is due to release.

    17. Ocado are launching the world’s largest tablet

    Via Twitter: @Ocado

    The 'sLablet' from Ocado is revealed to be the largest on the tablet market. With 4k resolution that makes content even more immersive, the device also includes a 12MP camera with image stabilisation so muscle spasms induced by holding the sLablet don't ruin users' selfies.

    Costing an apparent £597, the sLablet provides up to 1hr battery life (following a 19hr charge) and is only 20cm deep, ensuring complete unportability...

    18. Ginsters announce Caviar and White Truffle Pasty

    Via Twitter: @therealginsters

    Ginsters have 'announced' the launch of a new Caviar and White Truffle slice said to cost £14.14.

    Seemingly an oxymoron for the brand, they gone all high-end for posh folk wanting a bit of rough. Or us commoners wanting a bit of the fancy...

    19. Soxks launch Coxks, matching condoms for your socks


    Soxks make awesome, colourful socks, and have 'announced' that they'd spotted a market for men to wear condoms that matched their socks - because most of them wear their Soxks to bed anyway, they've launched 'Coxks,'

    Said to be fun and functional, fashionable and responsible, the answer to why it's always been referred to as the third leg becomes clear.

    20. Addison Lee present their latest innovation, the 'AquaCab'

    Via Twitter: @addisonleecabs

    Revealing how they plan on using the Thames to dramatically cut journey times, the UK’s biggest minicab company have 'unveiled' their prototype AquaCab.

    Having commissioned a team of automotive experts to design and develop a new amphibious minicab, Addison Lee claim the new service will apparently meet the demand of many customers whom travel regularly between central London, Canary Wharf and City Airport. It is estimated that the AquaCab will be able to link Westminster with South Quay in just nine minutes – a trip that can take up to 35 minutes by road...