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The Emotional Roller-Coaster Anyone Who's Experienced A Breakup Will Recognise List

Whether you've been dumped or dumped someone in the past, you should be able to identify with the majority of this list.

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5. Isolation.

When you're like, totally fine and don't need anyone, especially your ex. You bed is your fortress of solitude and the world can bugger right off whilst you're hidden in its safe, warm, duvet-embrace.

7. Neediness.

When all you want is for them to love you again. Resisting the temptation to contact them via phone calls, texts, or emails, it's SO hard to not do so in the hope that that last correspondence will remind them of how much they actually want to get back together.

And attempting to withstand the urge to not look at their Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram and any other social media channel where you can monitor and observe how they are moving on without you.

10. Denial.

When warped thoughts revolve around pointless thinking like, they weren't 'the one' anyway. Or, you didn't have that much in common together. You're better off without them and you didn't really enjoy the time spent with them that much anyway, so it's totally fine. When you think about it, you actually didn't worship the ground they walked on, that much. And you definitely wouldn't take them back even if they got on their hands and knees.

*sobs in to hands - you would and you did...*

11. Fixing.

When you're convinced that going to the gym, changing your hair style, dressing differently or buying material things to change the way you feel will make everything alright again. Making any kind of plan during this heartbreaking time is futile.

12. Remorse.

When you feel that shame from texting the ex at 3am or for not paying enough attention that certain time? Or you're sorry for cancelling those plans to see one another way back when? OR, you're overwhelmed with guilt that you ate the last Rolo when sharing the pack.

14. Fear.

When you contemplate never, ever getting in to another relationship if this is what it feel's like to break up. All you can think of is how you'll never find someone you'll connect with like you did your ex. And that scares you.