20 Things That Every Tinder User Can Relate To

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.

1. When you get your first match

it’s like…

2. When you swipe left on a hottie in error

it’s totally like…

3. When there’s two people in the profile pic and you fancy the friend

then you’re like…

4. You find a match who shares all your interests yet they don’t message back

you can’t help but be like…

5. When a user has just one pic and it doesn’t even show their face

it’s can be like…

6. When you’ve exhausted all matches in your area

but then have an epiphany and realise you can change the ‘age’ and ‘distance’ settings, you’re totally like…

7. When you have to keep track of all the matches you are chatting to

it can be a bit like…

8. Cock shots.

9. When people actually write loads about themselves on their profile

everyone’s like…

10. You get a match and the first thing they say is…

“wanna fuck?”

11. When you match with a friend’s ex

but then you’re like, weeeelllllll, maybe?

12. You’re in a club and see someone you fancy

you’ll then frantically check Tinder to see if they are on it too hoping they’ll be a match

13. When you meet a match in real-life and they are totally different to their Tinder profile

you can’t help but be like…

14. People who use it to promote their food-blog-slash-music-slash-boutique-vintage-store-slash-live-webcam-channel

can just…

15. You find yourself swiping left or right in your mind to people you meet on the streets

16. When your thumb aches from swiping for so long

and yet you keep on going!

17. When you haven’t had a single match all day

then you’re like…

18. You delete Tinder because you are like, so over it

then reinstall it when you realise you miss getting match notifications

19. When you actually start dating someone from it and your friends ask, “how did you meet?”

then you’ll both be like…

20. AND if you’re lucky enough to start a proper relationship with a Tinder match

you’ll almost always make a toast to the app but remember, this is funny to just the two of you and no one else. But that’s totally fine. CHEERS.

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