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20 Splendid Street Food Vendors To Check Out In London

Check out these hot spots for a tasty feast on the streets of the capital. Yum! #LondonStreetFood.

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1. When Mac Met Cheese

When Mac Met Cheese specialises in, yep, you guessed it, Macaroni & Cheese and it's undoubtedly the best in town. Featuring a simple yet delicious menu with a variety of “Macs” available, you won’t be disappointed with their generous serving of flavours masterfully combined to create a truly tasty offering. The most notable dish is 'Carlos the Cactus' (mature cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and jalapeños) with added bacon lardons and dollop of sweet coleslaw. PLUS, they do deep fried Oreos which are well worth a try.

Where to find them? Currently running a temporary restaurant space in London's Bayswater until June - don't miss out!

Learn more at here and here.

2. Mama's Jerk Station

Specialising in Caribbean Street food, the family run outfit offers up the obvious jerk chicken meals as well as the notable jerk pork sausages and legendary jerk veggie bean cake. Don't forget Mama's Jerk Station Tropical Mayo, their secret weapon that tames the fire. It's Jerkin Lovely.

Where to find them? Mostly at Brick Lane's, Vibe Bar, Camden's West Yard and St John's Church Waterloo

Learn more here and keep up to date here, too.

3. The Orange Buffalo

Twitter: @OrangeBuffalo

Keen for the tastiest damn free range wings smothered in a variety of homemade sauces around? Orange Buffalo's New York style wings are without a doubt, some of the best. Succulent, crispy fried chicken wings smothered in the sauce of your choice - the 'Original' is a mighty fine option but if you're feeling a little cavalier, order the 'Vipers' which come spiked with naga chillies, don't fret though, you can take full advantage of their side of blue cheese and celery to soften the blow of their hottest offering...

Where to find them? Ely's Yard, The Truman Brewery

Learn more here keep up to date here.

4. Burger Bear Tom

Looking for the best burgers in town? Look no further than Burger Bear Tom - the friendly creator of one of London’s most original, most beautiful burgers. When sampling the treats he and his team offer, be sure to get the Bacon Jam (yep, actual bacon jam) which tops their burgers off perfectly. If you think you can handle them, give the 'Greedy' or 'Angry Bear' burgers.

Where to find them? Mostly the Old Nuns Head, Trapeze Bar and Red Market

Learn more at here and keep up to date here.


5. Chin Chin Labs

Facebook: 133267400038990

Europe's first liquid nitrogen ice-cream parlour, Chin Chin Labs potentially offers the best ice cream in England according to The Times - we'd be inclined to agree! With weekly flavours, expect treats such as Peach Pit Caramel, Pondicherry Vanilla, Valhrona Chocolate, and Candied Carrot & Cream Cheese frosting. If you have room for more, you need to ask for their caramelised pretzels. All kinds of good.

Where to find them? 49/50 Camden Lock Place

Learn more here and keep up to date at here.

6. Daddy Donkey

Via Facebook: DaddyDonkey

The name Daddy Donkey comes from the Spanish word burrito which means 'little donkey.' And Daddy Donkey make the 'daddy' of all burritos putting all others to shame, and now they've upgraded from a food truck to their own permanent shop-space where you can get the best, fast, healthy, hot, and freshly prepared Mexican food in London. It's gotta be the 'Daddy D' every damn time.

Where to find them? 50b Leather Lane

Learn more at here and keep up to date here.

7. Mother Clucker

Facebook: cluckyoutoo

Mother Clucker serves up traditional southern fried chicken marinated in a sweet tea brine, double coated in buttermilk and a secret blend of spices for super extra crispiness. served up along a of side cajun fries, mac and cheese and black eyed peas, you're in for an absolute treat. Don’t forget to try their own hot sauces. Recommendations to their 'Cluckwitch' (boneless cripsy breast strips in a brioche bun. Garnished with home made hot sauce, roast pickled peppers, iceburg lettuce and lime mayo).

Where can you find them? Ely's Yard, The Truman Brewery.

Learn more at here and keep up to date here.

8. Crabbieshack

Twitter: @Crabbieshack

Bringing the taste of the sunny Folkestone Harbour to the streets of London, Crabbieshack offers up soft shell crab burgers in Old Bay batter with a decent variety of accompaniments to crab cakes with nori, apple, white cabbage, spring onion slaw, saffron mayonnaise AND crabby kievs, breadcrumbed and fried white crab meat balls with a melted infused butter and brown meat centre - aiming to offer a range of crab snacks for the culinary crustacean-lover, designed to suit all appetites.

Where to find them? Mostly Red Market and Kerb Food Fest

Learn more at here and keep up to date here.


9. Jamon Jamon

Cooking delicious, freshly made paella right in front of you, on the street. The way it should be, Jamon Jamon signature dish is of course, traditional spanish Paella. From their Paella Valenciana (chicken and runner beans), to the notable Seafood paella (prawns, mussels and squid), they also offer a veggie option too which has 10 different vegetables in. Not feeling the Paella, you must sample their Charcuterie of cured ham, cheese, chorizo, membrillo - quince jelly and more. You won't be disappointed.

Where to find them? Stall 90, Portobello Road

Learn more at here and keep up to date here.

10. BBQ Lab

Twitter: @BBQ_LAB

BBQ Lab is about taking tradition and playing with it to create something new, fun and exciting (and thankfully, really damn tasty). From smokers, water baths, vac chambers, blowtorches, smoky things, meaty things, dehydrated things, crispy things, foamy things, squidgy things, yummy things, these are all considered in keeping true to the ingredients and principals used in traditional BBQ. Serving 53-hour pulled pork, you will be overwhelmed with flavours from their standard and specials menus which include beef short ribs, pork belly and beef cheeks - they make American BBQ, awesomer.

Where to find them? Mostly Kerb Food Fest

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11. The Bow Van


Modern British Food for busy people the Bow Van street kitchen changes their menu with the seasons and only cook what is fresh, when its at its best. Producing some gourmet slow cooking and bringing some British classics to the street food scene such as shepherds pie balls, slow roasted pork in orange and chilli, expect to see their new Spring menu with new additions including a full dessert menu including a Nutella cheesecakes with Oreo biscuit base and dark chocolate icing or a Rhubarb and Brown Sugar Meringue Eton Mess, new snack menu, healthy breakfast snack menu and salad menu.

Where to find them? Mostly Hackney - Shoreditch/Hoxton

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12. Breddos Tacos Shack

A non-traditional taco shack, Breddos offer up some of the best tacos you'll find the city. From 10 hour slow roasted rare breed chipotle short rib to habenero, agave and lime marinated shredded chicken with mango slaw and their spiced sweet potato & chestnut mushroom with truffle oil, porcini reduction and walnuts, make sure you check out their specials too which recently featured a stick and spicy pulled Morrocan lamb with pomegranate onions and apricot hot sauce. Hmmmm.

Where to find them? Mostly Slider bar, Trip Kitchen Bar, and Netil Market

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13. Brad's Rockin' Jambalaya

A newbie to the street food scene, Brad's Rockin' Jambalya is already up there with the best. Menu staples include their standard chicken and andouille sausage jambalaya with additions of king prawns or calamari which can be added to the dishes also. Also served up in wraps, you can even order the rather marvellous Jack Daniels sticky chicken sub. Try it, like it, love it.

Where to find them? Leather Lane.

14. Pizza Pilgrims

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Soho and on the road, Pizza Pilgrims 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape van offers up authentic Neapolitan pizza at affordable prices. From the standard marinara and margherita to their special 'Ndjua' with spicy Calabrian sausage, if you are not feeling meat, go for the tasty Portobello mushroom and truffle oil one. Delicious.

Where to find them? Mostly Berwick St Market, Leather lane and their pizzeria at 11 Dean Street

Learn more at here and keep up to date here.

Like fresh, handmade gourmet doughnuts? Then Crosstown are right up your street! Made fresh daily, they use quality ingredients and source locally where possible. None of their doughnuts contain any trans fat (which is great) and the range is simply delicious - from the chocolate chilli cream to the creme brûlée and even a peanut butter & currant one, these doughnuts are next level. Guaranteed to satisfy those tastebuds.

Where to find them? Mostly Leather Lane

Learn more here and keep up to date here.


16. The Cheeky Indian

Indian(ish) street food at its best. Using traditional Indian equipment, flavours and techniques all used and abused, the Cheeky Indian's food will make your head spin. Aiming to offer a fresh take on Indian food, their wraps, burgers (Lamb Num Num Wrap, Saucy Shroom Wrap, to name a few) the results are something unique, exciting and, most importantly, lip smackingly good!

Where to find them? Various locations.

17. Big Apple Hot Dogs

Twitter: @BigAppleHotDogs

Big Apple Hot Dogs are hand-made in London using only natural casings and quality ingredients, their dogs are 94-98% meat (and gluten-free) so you'll get none of the nasty bits you'll find in other sausages. Using free-range pork, prime beef, what's not to love? Our favourite is the 'Pimp Daddy' which is all beef, and all tasty and packs a healthy punch of garlic, paprika and black pepper. Top it off with desiréed onions fried in butter, thyme and black pepper rounded off with their specially selected Polish sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and a wide variety of mustards and relishes and your sitting-slash-probably-standing happy!

Where to find them? Old Street

Learn more here and keep up to date here.

18. Morty & Bob's

Twitter: @MortyandBobs

Transforming the humble cheese toasty into the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich using the best of British cheese, Morty and Bobs adopt a unique three-cheese blend which is grilled in artisan sourdough with a secret M&B cheese sauce and a sprinkling of mixed onions; oozy in the middle, crispy on the outside. This is the ‘Straight Up’- their classic grilled cheese and the foundation for all of our sandwiches made extra special with a side serving of sweet potato fries, sauerkraut or their M&B salad-slaw. This is just one of what's on offer. Their time spent ‘cheesearching,' has resulted in the ultimate combination for ooze, stringiness and most importantly, flavour.

Where to find them? Mostly Netil Market, and the bar Off Broadway

Learn more at here and keep up to date here.

19. Tongue 'n' Cheek

Twitter: @tonguencheeks

Italian inspired sustainable street food, Tongue 'n' Cheek use only native breed, pasture fed beef sourced from small farmers which is then dry aged to perfection by Nathan Mills of the The Butchery. The pork used is free range and happily British, while Moxon’s fishmongers responsibly source the fish and artisanal bakers, prepare their bread locally. You're basically, in for an absolute treat! Serving 'Belly Connection' (beef patty, pork belly, gorgonzola, pimiento mayo, pickled red onions, gem lettuce), a 'Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich' (succulent thinly sliced dry aged chuck eye steak, red onions, peppers, spicy chimichurri sauce and cheese all in a steaming hot sub) and a 'No Lobster Roll' (cod cheeks sauteed with cherry tomatoes, capers, black olives and a secret sauce served on a brioche roll), you MUST try them all.

Where to find them? Berwick Street

Learn more here and keep up to date here, too.

20. Kooky Bakes

Twitter: @KookyBakes

Born in the States, baked in Britain, Kooky Bakes have an amazing array of award-winning small batch baked goods. From Whoopie Pies, Cupcakes, S'Mores, Cake Pops, Layer Cakes, Pies, Tray Bakes, Brownies, Cookies, bespoke Dessert Tables and more, your sweet tooth is will definitely get owned, and it's totally worth it.

Where to find them? UpMarket, Brockley Market & Kerb Food Fest

Learn more at here and keep up to date here, as well.