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10 Ways To Tell If You Were Raised In A Korean Family.

Raised in Korea? Raised abroad? Some things never change.

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5. You....if you got a C in school

6. After you finished your school homework your mom gave you more.

She wanted to teach you more, practice school lessons, and check for herself that you got it.

8. You're 30 and still get carded.

It's frustrating but it will happen for a good half of your life.

Embrace it.

While all your other friends are trying to fix wrinkles, you'll be looking fresh out of high school.

9. Mom! Dad! I'm thinking about not going to college.

Not an option. You were going to college. Shut up and apply.

10. BUT you were raised with Korean pride!

And no matter what you know your Korean side is pretty effin cool.


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