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    18 Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese Recipes That'll Make You Drool

    Because everyone should be able to enjoy the magic of mac.

    1. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

    Veggie Inspired / Via

    The squash adds tons of nutritional benefits and gives it that ~glowing colour.~ Recipe here.

    2. Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

    Vegan Insanity / Via

    The cauliflower makes the sauce extra creamy. Find the recipe here.

    3. Fat-free Mac 'n' Cheese

    The Vegan 8 / Via

    Hidden veggies and smoky seasoning make this fat-free mac 'n' cheese doubly comforting. Recipe here.

    4. Pumpkin Macaroni Cheese

    The Tofu Diaries / Via

    Nothing says autumn like pumpkin! Find the recipe here.

    5. Potato Macaroni

    JasminCookBook / Via

    Satisfaction on a budget: this simple potato macaroni doesn't need any fancy ingredients. Find the recipe here.

    6. Sweet Potato and Kale Mac 'n' Cheese

    The Colorful Kitchen / Via

    Is there anything sweet potatoes can't make better? Recipe here.

    7. Cashew Cream & Carrot Mac and Cheese

    Apron Strings / Via

    There's not a root vegetable that hasn't be transformed into a vegan macaroni cheese. Find this carrot one here.

    8. Avocado Mac 'n' Cheese

    Churros 'n' Chai / Via

    One for the avocado lovers here.

    9. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese with Broccoli

    She Likes Food / Via

    Why not mix things up and add whole veggies to the creamy sauce? Find this one with added broccoli here.

    10. Spinach Mac & Cheese

    Love and Lemons / Via

    Or try topping with spinach like this recipe here.

    11. Vibrant Spinach Mac and Cheese

    Spabettie / Via

    You could blend the spinach instead to make a vibrant green dish. Find this recipe here.

    12. Wild Mushroom Mac & Cheese

    May I Have That Recipe? / Via

    Wild mushrooms for flavour and texture make this a win. Find the recipe here.

    13. Kimchi Mac and Cheese

    Connoisseurus Veg / Via

    It's not the best possible way (just make sure your kimchi is vegan too when buying it). Find the recipe here.

    14. Easy Spicy Mac 'n' Cheese

    Simple Veganista / Via

    Keep up the spice with this version containing chilli powder and chipotle powder. Get the recipe here.

    15. Masala Mac and Cheese

    Vegan Richa / Via

    Indian spices taste great in a vegan mac and cheese too. Find this recipe here.

    16. Buffalo Chickpea Mac 'n' Cheese

    Vegan Yack Attack / Via

    Spicy sauce. Crispy chickpeas. Say no more, grab the recipe here.

    17. Super Creamy Mac and "Cheese"

    Vegan Yumminess / Via

    Potatoes, cashew nuts and coconut milk make this as creamy as it gets. Recipe here.

    18. And of course, this yummy Baked Mac and Cheese

    Savanna Mehrad / Via

    What round-up would be complete without a baked, crispy topped version? Find the recipe for this one here.

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