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Celebrities You Might Not Have Known Were Married To Each Other

Sure, we all remember the Brad & Jennifer marriage that ended. But you might be surprised at some of the celebrity marriages you might not have known about.

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They were married a little less than 2 years before divorcing in April 1999. Later, although already divorced, Andre worked with Brooke to obtain an annulment so she could marry Chris Henchy in the Catholic Church.

Mia Farrow & Frank Sinatra

The couple married July 19, 1966. You may have already known about this marriage, but did you know Mia was only 21 when they married while Frank was 50? (That's a 29 year age difference!)

A few years after announcing he was bisexual, Elton married Renate, admitting that his bisexuality was a "compromise." They were married for almost 5 years before he came to terms with the fact that he was actually homosexual, and they divorced in November 1988.

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