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    Shit An Asian American Feminist Will Tell You On Tinder

    When Agnus realized that there was no way she would find anything meaningful with men on Tinder (especially if they were racist & sexist), she decided to embark on her very own social experiment to "explore, challenge, and expose the real manifestations that affect the behavior and treatment towards Asian women" (MQ). Sometimes, this included hardcore trolling.

    1. If white people think it's okay to assume that all Asian Americans are immigrants, can she just assume that about white people too?

    2. Can white people really relate to being homogenized under one racial category?

    3. Not always, but once in a while, you meet a cool white guy like this

    4. She never stops coming across thirsty, desperate men on Tinder

    5. especially the ones who are curious about her ethnicity

    6. or the ones with a sick Asian fetish

    7. like literally no shame Asian fetish

    8. or the ones who are curious about what it's like to be w/ an Asian woman

    9. or the ones who're looking to fulfill their Asian sex partner quota

    10. or the ones who think that choosing women based on racial stereotypes is cute

    11. no, like, they REALLY think there is no problem w/ using racial stereotypes

    12. or the ones who turn racist after they get rejected

    13. or the ones who are just straight up racist

    14. She came across a lot of sexist men on Tinder

    15. There were men who tried too hard...

    16. There were stupid men...

    17. ...weird men...

    18. ...creepy men...

    19. ...angry men...

    20. seeking affirmations

    21. and even high school men!

    and this is what using Tinder from a social justice perspective looks like!