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Best Large Ceiling Fan: Casablanca 59510 Review

You don't have to sacrifice efficiency for beauty. Enjoy outstanding air movement and durability in a beautiful, high-functioning fan.

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When I finally decided that it was time to change a larger ceiling fan in the bedroom room I told my husband that I wanted something that had a more traditional style than the country looking fans we had in the past. We went through a number of reviews and I started to realize that I really enjoyed the white ones. I found this fan to have Casablanca stealth and it was certainly small and unique. I wanted others to see my review on this fan so they could decide if this would be a good option for them or not.

Functionality 5/5

The fan will give you optimal air output so you will always know that you selected the right ceiling fan. There is no humming while the fan is running and if the weights are in the right place you will not have to worry about it wobbling while it is running.

Style 5/5

The snow white finish seems to create some class when it comes to this fan. You will also see that it has a traditional style that will look great in just about any room of your home.

Durability 5/5

Casablanca 59510 has a 5 star energy rating and it even has six different speeds. This is unlike other fans that typically only have three different speeds. It comes with a DC motor that is at the high end of the motors that are available. The larger blade span makes it even more efficient.

Extras 5/5

Using a remote control to operate your fan is exciting. You will have the opportunity to change the fan to one of six different speeds and you can also use the remote to dim the lights. This is great if you are having a night in front of the television and you just do not want to get up and move. You will see that it also comes with a 3 inch down rod so you can hang the fan from the ceiling if you do not want it flush.

Warranty 5/5

If you have any trouble with the fan you will see that you are going to have 120 days to ask someone to come into your home to look at it and fix it. This is a great service warranty. The warranty will also have a lifetime limited warranty. You will also have one year on the parts of the fan. The simple fact that the company will send someone to your home to repair anything is a great feature.

Overall Rating 5/5

Taking the time to look at the extras you are receiving, along with the amazing warranty, will help you see that this fan could be a great investment. Those that have purchased this fan can tell you that it runs smoothly and it is very easy to car for. Installation is a breeze with the down rod. You should consider this fan if you are trying to create a traditional look that others will simply adore.

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