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8 Reasons Laverne Cox Why Deserves A Vogue Cover

With a new season of "Orange is the New Black" and an upcoming docu-series there's no better time for the trans- trailblazer to grace the cover of the fashion bible. Here's eight reasons why: *UPDATED*

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Cox's own media coverage has skyrocketed with happenings such as:

4. Vogue loves exclusivity with its coverstars.


Vogue loves introducing a new cover star to the masses. With Cox starting to appear on more publications it would be a great get for Vogue to be the first major fashion monthly she covers .

5. The legion of "Orange is the New Black" fans would flock to the news stands for the issue.

"Netflix doesn't release numbers, so there's no way for an outsider to officially gauge how its original series have done so far, but in "Orange is the New Black" the streaming service indisputably has its first homegrown cultural phenomenon. The prison comedic drama hasn't just managed to attract glowing critical acclaim, it's become the type of series that launches both internet memes and serious discussions about prison reform."-IndieWire

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