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    • TheSpringwoodSlasher

      I live in Los Angeles and we actually have several Five Guys locations out here (all of which seem to haveapainfully average3to3andahalf stars on yelp). The thing is, nobody really seems to care that they’ve opened out here.Idecided try them out for myself last year andIcan’t say thatIblame them. Five guys wasn’t horrible but it was just “ok”. Kind ofalet down really… and certainly not something I’ve found myself craving since then. Even the fries were kind of disappointing. I’d heard all these tales of their legendary generous portions of these perfectly seasoned fries. Turns out the quantity is there to make up foralack of quality. ThoughIshould have known better since really good fries need little more than salt and don’t require “cajun” seasoning to make them interesting. Also, thanks to the “secret” menu, if you want crispy non limp fries from In-N-Out all you have to do is ask for your fries “well done” and they’ll be extra crispy. Alternatively, if you like them with more ofaraw potato flavor you can get your fries “light”. In the end I’d takeaburger from In-N-Out, Fatburger, Father’s Office or Smashburger any day of the week over Five Guys. There just doesn’t seem to be anything special about their taste.

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