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5 Best Covers Of Taylor Swift Songs (That You Haven't Watched Yet)

We've all seen the early covers with the YouTube stars of Taylor's songs; but there's a bunch of up and coming stars with great covers of Taylor's songs. Check them out here - who do you think should be added?

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Mary Desmond and Friends KILL on We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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3 preteens from SoCal absolutely nail "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" with a professional looking video and great voices. Only 2000 views so far, but should be much higher.

Taking "Red" A Little Too Literally

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Only 8,000 views, but Kaylie Shorr gets extra points for the red living room, the red nails, and the red lips.

Hayden McNabb Has a Future As a Ventriliquist, But Sings "Safe And Sound" Really Nicely

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Never seen someone sing so nicely while barely moving his mouth? We haven't either. But he made our top 5 Taylor vids you haven't watched yet. Only 872 views? C'mon!

Amrita Sings "Ronan"

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Too sad a song to make a snarky headline, but this girl does a good job with her cover.

Ghost Fergies Sing "Begin Again"

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Ok, so this has a FEW more views and you MIGHT have seen it, but it's still hidden enough we included it in this list. We like the disappearing band members and the whispery quality of the cover. It's like Taylor Swift meets The Enterprise.