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14 Moments We Wish Would Live Forever

If only some moments weren't so momentary. But at least you live in the now, like the characters in The Spectacular Now, playing select cities, nationwide August 28.

1. Seeing your favorite band live for the first time:

2. That second you realize that you've found a best friend for life:

3. When it finally sinks in that you're on your dream trip to Europe:

4. Seeing snow—finally!—after years of living somewhere that doesn't get any:

5. Heading outside for the first time of summer, and it actually hits you that school is out:

6. Sharing a beer with your dad for the first time:

7. Being the only car on the open road:

8. The feeling of freshly cut hair:

9. Staying up late to watch a comet streak across the night sky:

10. When your stomach drops on a roller coaster:

11. Meeting your new puppy, and she's more adorable than you can possibly handle:

12. Rain hitting you during a hot summer day:

13. Waking up from a nap after dozing under a tree:

14. Realizing that you are hopelessly/painfully/stupidly in love with someone:

Inspired by all the time we want to live in the now, from The Spectacular Now:

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