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12 Exceptional Things "The Soup" Made Famous

From red carpets to reality shows, we're thankful we have someone else that can give us a leg-up on loving all sorts of stars. Check out the latest pop culture legends vying to join the pack The Soup's 500th Episode, airing LIVE on Wednesday, August 21st at 10/9c! For now, here are some of the most hilarious and unexpected figures made famous over the show's last 499.

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1. Stains

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This great dog is so disciplined, the sad thing is he actually really deserves one of those cupcakes for being so obedient.

2. Creepy Cable Access Clowns

We still don't understand what world I Love Toy Trains comes from, but people really do love toy trains, no matter what nightmare fuel pops up from around them.

3. Pretty Wild Parents

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By now, The Bling Ring is quite the big deal in Hollywood thanks to their fancy biopic. However, in the age of Pretty Wild, Alexis Neiers' mom, Andrea, actually stole the show a handful of times – most notably when her daughter was standing up to the supposed lies that writer Nancy Jo Sales told about her in Vanity Fair.

4. Other Questionably-Skilled Parents

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From Tan Mom to teeny kids in tiaras, The Soup has been a steadfast source for finding adults that should take some steps to get themselves together before putting their kids on TV, but we'll secretly take it every time.

5. Bruno Tonioli

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Of all the judges in the competitive reality category, this expressive and vivacious little Italian is forever priceless.

6. Home Shopping Hosts

We'd never know what not to buy if it wasn't for The Soup, and we'd never appreciate the zany folks that so passionately try to sell it to us on channels we'd never watch.

7. King Curtis

In a bacon-obsessed America, young King Curtis is the unofficial Commander-in-Chief, passionately fighting for bacon rights since 2009. The Soup put him on a soapbox of greatness.

8. Spaghetti Cat

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This visitor from a Los Angeles local news segment is still the strangest invention a lot of people have seen on television.

9. This Bi-Coastal Pair of Local News Anchors

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images
Mike Coppola

L.A. spends their mornings with Steve Edwards, and New York does with Greg Kelly. They're both stars in The Soup's book for their stupidity-shaming of guests and stories on their shows. Stay strong, gentlemen.

10. Amateur Political Candidates

We would still give a vote to one-time Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Basil Marceaux Dot Com if given the opportunity.

11. Nathaniel

We love this unlikely ruler of the dance floor for not only acting as ridiculous as possible, but for reminding us of what its like to be innocent enough for not caring about fame.

12. Alicia "Chicken Tetrazzini"

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When your boyfriend is sneaking around with your best friend that has superior Italian cooking skills, you'd passionately demand to know the details of their affair, too. Thank you, Alicia for never backing down until you got the truth, even if you needed Maury's help to get it. Thank you.