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    DIY Solar Panels: Don't Make These 3 Dumb Mistakes I Did

    Should you buy solar panel kits? What do solar panels cost? Let me give you the solar energy facts for making homemade solar panels.

    The Green Revolution

    First off let me say you're awesome for being here.

    You're thinking about getting a solar panel. Something a lot of people should be thinking of but not nearly enough do.

    I mean, think about it. No power bills. No dependencies. But most importantly, no damage to our eco-system.

    I was in the same place you are right now. I wanted to change for the better and do my part in protecting our beautiful eco-system while enjoying the cold hard cash benefits!

    Although, I'm going to tell you off the bat that our goals are great but putting them into action is a whole 'nother story.

    And if you really want the cheat sheet to homemade solar panels you can go here right now.

    That's the same site that took me from being a solar idiot to setting up solar systems for tons of friends and family.

    Now I'm going to break down 3 stupid mistakes I made while setting up my own solar panel kit.

    1. Don't Buy a Solar Kit From The Internet

    You'd think buying a solar kit would be plain, simple and really easy. You spent money on it so it should be right? WRONG.

    First of all Solar panel systems are extremely expensive and range from anywhere between $10,000 up to $40,000!

    Of course tons of the sites that sell solar panels will tell you that they are cost effective and easy to setup but you know how difficult it can be assembling a bed let alone solar panels on your roof. You'll need an expert which'll add on a lot more on just the solar panel price tag.

    2. Missing Out On Rebates & Incentives

    Believe it or not, the government actually does want you to buy solar panels and in some areas there are some massive rebates and incentives to buying these panels.

    So not filling out a request for a quote like this one, can actually make you miss out on an awesome solar panel deal.

    Of course, the deals aren't available to everyone and the only way to find out is to fill out the form, but what do you have to lose?

    3. Not Joining an Eco-Club

    I literally took months to build my first solar panel. Know how long it took to build my second solar panel?

    1 frikkin' day.

    I found an eco club (link at the end of the article) filled with members that had already discussed and provided solutions to the problems I kept facing day in and day out.

    If you're serious about solar and alternative energy you need to join this club. They've got a course that teaches you to build your entire alternative energy source for less than $200 bucks. Compare that to $20,000 for the traditional solar panel setup.


    The Good News Is...

    Traditional solar panel installations can save you over $30,000 in 20 years when you add up all those electricity bills. Live in Hawaii? Well then you save about $60,000.

    But here we're talking about building DIY solar panels which'll boost your savings way higher. You could realistically save over $50,000 by building your own solar panel.

    So what are ya' waiting for? Get started with DIY solar join an eco-club now!

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