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For The Love Of Travelling, Life And Stories ♥

Dedicated to the dreamers, the wanderers, the storytellers, the doers and everyone else who is witnessing the magic of life.

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Eternal life


“Talk to me of life”

“Movement is in our instinct. The colliding mass that entered into the earth’s orbit billions of years ago brought with it traces of life. The ocean nourished it. The journey continued. Years of evolution, life surfaced on water, then out, and now it circles the very orbit it once entered from.

The journey continues.”

Tiny Steps


“With little trembling feet, one tiny step at a time, after who knows how many trial and errors, we finally learn to walk. There was no giving up. It was in our instinct. Listen, before you give up, why don’t you try it one last time? There’s nothing at stake either…”



“I wrote another message on the water today. It had been a while. I know not when it will reach you. I know not of the curves and crawls and jumps that it will go through. But this I know; it will reach you. Someday, I promise”

Seasons passed. It had finally arrived. And somewhere in the distant sky, the north star smiled looking at the moon and the twilight.

Off the edge


“Before you see the world off the edge there is that sudden rush of tremble that runs through your body; good tremble. You feel uneasy and restless. The hunger for the glimpse, for that one feeling strengthens with every passing heavy breath. You know it’s right there, just a few steps ahead of you. In a few moments it’ll be inked in the pages of your life. This feeling is one of my favorites.

Ah! Just before you see the world off the edge…”

Stardust we are


“.. because we are all stardust.

Fresh; marked; both at once.

We shone in the sky ages ago.

And here we are now.

Your journey like mine has been a long one.

Most of it unknown.

Now we meet.

On this juncture. This moment.

Me writing this

And you reading this..

It’s a pleasure knowing you.

Where did you say you were heading from here?

I keep forgetting…”

The old man paused to look around, stiffening his fist holding the old parchment.



“Talk to me of brotherhood”

“Everything around exists because of every other thing around it. Nothing is exclusive and alien within the entirety of this creation.

Abiding by these principles, brotherhood is one of those pure feelings that holds everything together. Its got to do something with another unexplainable bond, a strong incomprehensible one.

Like the wind, when it’s around you, you will know it. You won’t need scales or words to measure it.

It is those rare sunrises and sunsets that we witness; incomparable; unfathomable; unique; most importantly, true.”

The sun was rising in the horizon.



“The culture that has nurtured us all these years has taught me many valuable lessons unconsciously as well. Our way of life was a ritualistic approach towards every figment of existence around us, but the innate purpose was simple. It became a part of our day to day life. Our customs being a complex vocabulary, every word had a interconnected meaning. However, they were all thought of mindfully.

Coexistence is in our roots. That is the sole reason for all this life thriving around you.

Look around, tell me, what do you see?”

Endless horizon


“I see far as the eye can see and then pause. Shutting the world around I focus harder.

‘It’s not very hard flying over the clouds’,

those words were familiar. I had learnt this when I saw that gigantic cloud in the sky that afternoon, many years down the lane. It was an innocent fledgling’s first few encounters with the world. Who cares if it was a dreamy memory or a memory that’s now a dream…all that matters is I believe I can fly”,

he said and took off towards an endless horizon.

A broken poetry


“A broken poetry

Came down from the sky,

Fell down on the soil.

A Broken poetry,

Crawled down its roots,

Climbed out its shoots… And lo,

There it stands now,

even years later.

Except that it now knows,

It was always complete;

in its own ways..

That broken poetry..”

Realm of dreams


“The realm of dreams is that way.

It isn’t biased or predictable.

Sometimes from this scramble, comes out a story.

Time exists here, but the understanding of it is very different.

In one such episode, I met that friend again.

A friend who is now back with the five elements he came from.

Of the many twenty five odd minutes talks that we have had on a daily basis, the topic of death was certainly one of them. Our understanding of it was different back then.

We were kids.

I don’t remember where the dialogue started from this time.

But we had the same conversation again… The realm of dreams is that way.

It isn’t biased or predictable.

It is a vague reflection; abstract, unclear, at times even unsettling but some you will remember forever”

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” -Alan Watts

(Excerpts are part of a series that I am currently working on)

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