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15 Reasons Why Blake Lively Vs. This Shark Is You Trying To Adult

We're all just trying to stay afloat. Blake Lively will give you survival goals in The Shallows, now playing in theaters everywhere.

1. When you're young, free, and careless:

Surfing through life's waves like it's nothing:

2. Then your adult-y responsibilities show up:

3. And you're like:

4. But they just won't leave you alone:

5. Rent, utilities, and groceries bringing down your bank account like:

6. When you're just trying to catch your breath before the next billing cycle:

7. You staring at the pile of dirty dishes in your sink:

8. And when you finally accept that your apartment needs to be cleaned this weekend:

9. When you stand by watching as your friends bail on plans because they have "work" to do:

10. And when you try to peer pressure them into having fun, but they still get dragged down:

11. You trying to figure out how late you can sleep in and still get to work on time:

12. When you finally get a handle on your bills after payday:

13. When you actually manage to schedule a dentist appointment on your own:

14. Waking up and not remembering if you're parked on the street-cleaning side of your street like:

15. And even though sometimes adulting feels like you're taking random shots in the dark, you're still doing it. You're surviving:

All images courtesy of Sony Pictures.

We're all out there just trying to survive. See how Blake Lively does it in The Shallows, in theaters now.

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