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10 Reasons Why BuzzFeed Should Hire Me To Be The Next Beauty Editor

Yeah, it's been done before but never quite like this. This. Is. The. Remix.

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1. Some things are just predestined, right?

Via Family Photo Album

My name is Janera, and I'm a Cosmetic and Haircare Enthusiast - which also kinda translates to me being a Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, and Beauty Writer.

I interviewed for this position back in 2014, and although I didn't receive an offer, I believe in trying again until someone says, 'Let's just give this girl a chance, because she won't seem to go away.'

4. There's also this video of me freelancing around New York City. / Via FatLeopard Photography

Cool Story, Bro: The opening scene (where I'm spinning in the streets like Mary Tyler Moore) just so happened to be shot in FlatIron, right outside of your office.

I had no idea that three years later, I would be dead set on working in that same office. Predestined, right?

I graduated from FIDM with a degree in Beauty Merchandising and Marketing.

Mariya Dondonyan / Via

I was also ballsy enough to go to the President and Vice President of FIDM, and formally propose my idea of creating a Beauty Editor position for their official magazine, MODE.

Needless to say, my proposal was accepted, and I became the first ever Beauty Editor!

The best thing I learned from this opportunity was that the best leaders aren't afraid to take initiative, and learn as they grow.

5. I'm a self-proclaimed "Multicultural Hair Whisperer." / Via


Clearly, I have natural-multicultural textured hair that I attempt to tame everyday, but I was recently recruited to be a part of the Style Team for Shea Moisture. If you're familiar with multicultural haircare products, then you would know that Shea Moisture products are Holy Grail for us kinky, curly, color-treated girls!

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Staff / Via

My favorite natural hair client, turned "Auntie," had her entire staff hold up these cute signs on why you should hire me…so if you don't hire me, I will have A LOT of people to tell the bad news to.

Please don't make me have to do that, pleaseeee!

9. This awesome guy did something similar!

Jon Stone / Via

Alfred Ajani, stood at the Waterloo station everyday with a sign in hopes of gaining employment, and the media attention that he gained ended up landing him a position at Astoria Group.

"Advice I would give to graduates: Don’t be scared; safe is risky. Be ready to promote yourself and your ideas. It only has to work once for it to be a success," he said.

So, basically, I'm following his advice - Now, let's see where it gets me.

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