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5 Reasons Why Face Contouring May Not Be For You

It's totally ok to not be great at everything.

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1. Unless you have a fairy, this technique is time consuming.


If you thought that you were going to hit the snooze button at least two more times, you were wrong. This technique takes no less than fifteen minutes, and that’s for experts. Beginners, beware!

3. You could unintentionally scare others.

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While you may think that you’ve nailed this look, nothing will ruin your day like watching your favorite co-workers make a sharp U-turn as you walk into the office.

Yeah, you probably just scared away the few people in your office that actually like you.

4. Expensive is an understatement!

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As if your rent and gas & electric aren’t enough, do you really want to add an additional bill? Because this is clearly an additional bill - keep in mind, some of the best products are far from cheap!


5. Your significant other may not approve. / Via

Men typically don’t like excessive makeup, so these extra layers are sure to make him cry when he sees you. And not good tears, more like “What did you do to yourself” tears.

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