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    • TheScholarlyHousewife

      Daniel Kelly, there is some truth to your assertion; traditionally models are there to, well, model the clothes, and esentially be “human coat hangers.” There is no denying that the women in this pictorial are attractive, sexy, beautiful and, yes, gorgeous, but some of them also appear significantly overweight. Beautiful and overweight are not - or at least should not be - mutually exclusive adjectives; however, I don’t think that is the point to debate. I find it more productive to point out how these women display a very specific, normative, and exclusive type of beauty, regardless of their size. They mostly have proportional figures, smooth and glowing skin, etc., which is not the way most women - skinny, average or overweight - tend to look. So, is this really subversive when dimply thighs, protruding bellys, or flabby arms are prominently absent, even though a day at the beach would most certainly show that the majority of women, of any size, does not have “perfect” physiques and does not look like these “plus-size” models or like “regular” ones? Aren’t these standards just as unrealistic?

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