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Leadership Language Quiz

What area of leadership are you passionate about? Find out!

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  1. I like to do things my own way.

    Yes, it's so important to me!
    I like it, but it's not the most important thing.
    Not really
  2. I dream of owning my own business.

    Kind of
    Not really
  3. I like to start conversations about social issues that matter.

    Yes, it's so important!
    It's helpful
    It's not a priority
  4. I am interested in shaping laws.

    That's fine, but not the most important thing
    Not particularly
  5. I am motivated by the independence of setting my own schedule and being my own boss.

    That's really important to me
    Not so important
    That's unimportant, I like working with a schedule
  6. I think diversity is important in shaping good ideas.

    Yes, definitely!
    It's absolutely necessary to get a diverse opinion
    It helps to take into account different views
  7. I can imagine myself working for a non-profit.

    That's my goal!
    That would be fine
    I see myself in other positions
  8. I like to build relationships with others in order to complete project.

    Relationships are absolutely necessary to get the jobs done
    They are pretty important
    It's more important to me to do my own thing
  9. I read news articles about government regulations.

    All the time!
    When they involve social issues interest me
    When they inspire my creative side
  10. I am fulfilled by putting other people before myself.

    It's pretty fulfilling
    It's not the most important thing
  11. I enjoy being involved with charity or service projects.

    Yes, I love being involved!
    It's nice
    I don't actively involve myself
  12. I am interested making important decisions that will effect the lives of others.

    Absolutely, I want to make change!
    Yeah, that would be nice
    It's not super important
  13. I can see myself managing the finances of a business.

    Not really
    Um, no
  14. I look at patterns to find new ideas.

    All the time- they help my process!
    Patterns can be helpful in crafting plans
    I don't normally use that in my leadership
  15. I use my voice to speak about issues that don't necessarily affect me.

    If it helps meet my goal
    Not really
  16. I consistently update myself on current events.

    When they reference my cause
    Only when they're relevant to me
  17. I am comfortable with the fact that public speaking could be required in my career.

    Of course!
    If I have to, I will
    Not really
  18. I equate a large income with success.

    Absolutely, it's a priority!
    Not necessarily
    No, there are more important factors
  19. I read and/or watch the news everyday.

    Yes! I want to stay informed!
    Eh, not ususally
  20. I enjoy work that requires self-expression instead of following a clear set of rules.

    That could be nice
    Not particularly
  21. I would participate in a hunger strike.

    Of course! Anything to help my cause
    Um, no
    Probably not
  22. The use of social media could be important for my career.

    Yes! It's a great way to get your message across and reach the most people
    I could use it for publicity
    Sure, if it's good marketing
  23. I like working with facts and figures.

    Not really
  24. I consider myself a risk taker.

    Absolutely- it's the only way to succeed
    Only if I am passionate about the end goal
    On rare occasions if I am sure it will lead to reward
  25. I am interested in a work environment that requires building a consensus.

    Of course! You have to get everyone on board to make change
    Sometimes, but occasionally you have to change opinions
    Not really, I like to do things myself
  26. I am interested in the structure of the government.

  27. I enjoy developing creative and new ideas.

    Of course, it's my passion
    When it helps build toward a larger goal
    Not really
  28. Social justice issues are important to me.

    Absolutely! I want to change the world
    The policy side interests me
    Not particularly
  29. I am comfortable having a career that places me in the spotlight.

    Only if I want to be in the spot light
  30. I hope to use my voice to inspire others.

    I'd rather use my work to make change
    It's not that important

Leadership Language Quiz

You got: Activism

You are an activist leader! You care about social movements and making the world a better place. You can use your leadership skills to give a voice to the voiceless. You value community interaction and achieving goals through mobilizing the people around you.

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You got: Politics

You are a political leader! Your interests align with working in politics, either behind the scenes or behind the camera. Your passion for collaboration helps you achieve your goals of making a permanent change for society. You are a leader who not only likes to lead the group, but also values other people's input.

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You got: Business and Innovation

You are an innovator! You have a creative mind and you look for solutions to problems. You can have business mind to create and market your new ideas. You lead through innovation and creativity.

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