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    7 Bucky Barnes Moments That Just Hit Different

    Now that your Bucky obsession is back (but let's be honest, it never left).

    We all know now that Falcon and the Winter Soldier is out, your obsession with Bucky Barnes has resurfaced. It never fully went away, but it's back in full force. Here are some Bucky moments that will help add fuel to the (already incredibly hot) fire.

    Oh, and I've pointed out where to find every single scene down to the second so you can relive each one yourself. Because why not?

    7. Bucky defending Steve’s honor in the alley.

    Marvel / Via

    This was the first time we meet him. And let’s be honest — we all knew, in this moment, it was over for us.

    (Find this exact moment in Captain America: The First Avenger at 10:06.)

    6. Bucky staring at Steve like this.

    a man with dirt on his face stares at another man who is wearing a hard plastic helmet.

    I want him to look at me like this. It’s the mixture of anger and pride for me.

    (Check it out in Captain America: The First Avenger at 01:10:01)

    5. This knife flip.

    Marvel / Via

    I mean this whole fight sequence was perfection...but this moment, in particular, hit differently. An honorable mention, also from this fight, was when he walked down off the car. If you know, you know.

    (Find this iconic moment in Captain America: The Winter Soldier at 01:19:17 including the car walk, or 01:20:33 without it!)

    4. In Civil War when he was running from Black Panther and did this.

    Marvel / Via

    The fit, the hair, the parkour. It was beautiful. He’s beauty and he’s grace.

    (This one's from Captain America: Civil War at 00:47:29.)

    3. This soft Bucky moment from the end of Civil War.

    Marvel / Via

    I know this moment is a bittersweet one, but anytime he smiles is a good moment. What I wouldn’t give to hug this man and take his pain away.

    (Find this in Captain America: Civil War at 02:18:32.)

    2. His cameo at the end of Black Panther.


    This whole moment is still one of my favorite end credit scenes. When I say I LEAPT from my chair in the theater. I just absolutely love that he was finally able to have a little bit of peace. Also, half-up man bun.

    (This scene's from Black Panther at 02:13:18.)


    Marvel / Via

    I don’t think an explanation is needed. I don’t even think I could explain it if I tried. But if you know, you really know.

    (Relive this one by watching Captain America: Civil War at 00:50:05.)

    I bet I missed a ton of others, so let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments.

    (Also, I’m just really excited to see what is to come with the Falcon and Winter Soldier . LET THE WILD AND OUTLANDISH THEORIES BEGIN!)