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    10 More Helpful Tips To Make Your BuzzFeed Posts Stand Out

    Travis Greenwood gave great advice on how to "optimize your buzz." Here are some more tips!


    To those untrained in the Internet arts, making posts on BuzzFeed seems easy. Just take a few gifs or cute animals, list them, and boom! Mega viral hit!

    But those who have tried their hand at making BuzzFeed posts know that this isn't the case. Making a good list is hard—really hard. I, better than most contributors, can say how hard it is. And that's not because I'm particularly talented—it's just because I've been on the site for a while. I've made nearly 250 posts and have been reading BuzzFeed daily for some time now.

    After reading so many posts and making quite a few posts myself, I've noticed a few practices that are conducive to success. What are they? Let's have a look.

    1. Think laterally.

    2. Appeal to niches.

    3. Appeal to opinions.

    4. Don't just use Google.

    5. Avoid posting trending memes and news.

    6. Observe life.

    7. Observe trends/create trends.

    8. Tell people something they don't know/something that's interesting.

    9. Read the site.

    10. Don't give up or get disheartened!

    Not every post you're going to do will get hundreds of thousands of views, or even get boosted by the community editors. It happens. Use it as a learning experience. Think about out why it didn't get boosted. If you can't come up with a reason, email a member of the community team if it's really bothering you. They're always happy to help users out (just don't spam them or be mean)!

    And please never get discouraged. I posted this as a way to sort of help other contributors out, to share some of the stuff I noticed. If you try these things and aren't getting results, be patient.

    Like, imagine if you had a rookie QB and you told him "Oh, just do exactly what Aaron Rodgers does." The rookie wouldn't be able to just do that right off the bat. It takes time to acquire certain skills—and making good BuzzFeed posts is no exception. Just keep making posts and one day you'll start "getting it" and then you'll be unstoppable!

    Editor's note:

    Thank you to Matt for taking the time to write this. We love when our users take the time to make things like this. Matt is truly one of the best and we hope this information was helpful!