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    What Was Your First BuzzFeed Post?

    You never forget your first.

    What was your first BuzzFeed post?

    Did you post something that has, so far, stood the test of time? Or did you post something that was, shall we say, aloof?

    My first BuzzFeed post was pretty terrible. I posted it back on March 19, 2012.

    It was this lame, horrible Onion-like piece titled "Fat MMA Fighter's Struggles Summarize How America Sucks" about this washed up MMA fighter named Tim Sylvia. I had only been reading the site for a few weeks by that point so I hadn't figured out the voice or the content. I had also just realized that anyone could post on the site, so that was my first shot. I much prefer my second post ever on the site, "5 Reasons Why Internet Trolling is a Good Thing". Unfortunately, one of the various site redesigns deleted the comments on it because I distinctly remember Ryan Broderick leaving an awesome TL;DR in the comments.

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