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What The Job Search After College Graduation Is Like

It will destroy you (if you let it).

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Your graduating class has been set loose upon the world

So you're living it up, high off the thrill of graduating

but then a sudden realization hits you: You're out of college and you need to find a job ASAP!

Getting a good job shouldn't be a problem though. You're a sophisticated, educated, person, after all

You apply to jobs and attempt to stand out among your peers...but fall flat

And then the same thing happens again...

You got an unhealthy dose of rejection from the "real world" and are befuddled, dejected.

Eventually, you get sick of the rat (or cat) race up the corporate ladder

So you take a break for a bit but you have to persist because you need money

But despite your persistence, you keep hitting walls.

Your launch into the job market has had a rough landing.

You constantly apply to places but miss the mark again and again

Meanwhile, it seems like everyone else is getting the jobs that were meant for YOU!

The system has chewed you up and spit you back out, or at least that's what it feels like.

But all your lucky, employed friends just don't get it.

And older people call you an entitled brat that should've known better than to indebt yourself for an education.

Everybody is happy but you.

You've been chasing any and all respectable jobs for months now. It's starting to feel like you'll never obtain one.

Then you see it—that one job that you think you're a shoo in for

So you keep cool, apply, and then...

Rejected, again.

By this point, you're thinking that the only way to get an OK job is to perform some kind of demonic ritual

You just want to run away.

You just don't know what to do anymore.

The world feels like it's falling apart.

It's like you've accomplished nothing.

You feel stuck.

Life starts to seem like an endless cycle: Apply, hope, rejection. Apply, hope, rejection, ad infinitum.

Yet you keep trying. After all, what do we say to the god of unemployment?

So you keep going after it!

And you let nothing stop you!

Eventually, you get a job and you're amazed.

No more sulking because...

employment is wonderful!

Congrats, you did it! You survived the awful, perilous process of getting hired after college!

And if you don't get hired a year or two after you graduate, channel your inner comrade and shrug it off!

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