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    What A Day Off From School In The '90s Was Like

    Playing hookie isn't as good as it used to be.

    As adults, we too often use days off from work to just do more work—house work, work we brought home from the office, or what have you.

    So we end up just spending our sick days or personal days like this. How awful!

    There's only one way to fix this problem: Administering a healthy dose of nostalgia. Now, forget where you are. You're not in your office or at your desk. It's the 1990's...

    you just woke up from your kick-ass race car bed, and you've got the day off. And this is what it's like...

    You get up from bed and enjoy some sweet, sweet cereal. Maybe a bowl or two of Rice Krispies Treats Cereal...

    Or maybe some Waffle Crisp.

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    Whatever cereal you choose, you grab a bowl of it, run to the TV, and say "Hi" to this guy.

    Now It's time for The Busy World of Richard Scary!

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    But if you're a little older, kiddie programming won't do. Maybe you head to the Scifi Channel for Sightings.

    Or maybe you decide to watch some History's Mysteries on the History Channel.

    Personally, this is what I usually opted for. I loved watching the History Channel (this is the 90s history channel we're talking about, so no reality TV yet) so much that sometimes I'd fake sick so I could stay home and watch it.

    You get bored after a while though, and decide to go back to Nick Jr. so you can hate-watch all the lame kids shows (even though secretly, you kind of like some of them). Oh, look, Allegra's Window is on.

    Look at the cast of characters. Wow.

    I always imagined Medusa's hair looking kind of like Allegra's, for some reason.

    But they're NOTHING compared to Binya Binya Pollywog, who's the star of the next show on deck, Gullah Gullah Island.

    No 2000s kids, this lovable character has nothing to do with acid or hallucinogenic drugs. I'm sure it appears that way from the GIF, though.

    That was fun, but you're starting to get hungry now!

    Wicked! Your caretaker got you Burger King. And sweet, the bag is decked out with the BK Kids Club characters!

    Or maybe you got Roy Rodgers and, as a result, were privy to these SICK X-Men toys.$T2eC16RHJI!E9qSO8mt9BQ2ME)IfNQ~~60_1.JPG

    And you're back from lunch just in time for Little Bear, awesome!

    And now it's time for Beetlejuice...



    That was great but-uh oh-it's almost 3:00—once it hit's 3:00, it's basically like the day off is over since you're always home after 3:00 anyway. Now you gotta rush to do as much stuff as possible.

    Quick! Build your Fort Legoredo...

    And spend some quality time with your HotWheels car wash.

    No! It's 3:00 now—the part of the day that can be considered "off" now has been spent. Now you're just on regular time, on time you're always "off" from something.

    But at least you enjoyed it.

    So, please, next time you get a day off from work, try to enjoy it as much as you enjoyed days off from school in the 90's.

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