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What A Day Off From School In The '90s Was Like

Playing hookie isn't as good as it used to be.

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Or maybe some Waffle Crisp.

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Now It's time for The Busy World of Richard Scary!

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Or maybe you decide to watch some History's Mysteries on the History Channel.

Personally, this is what I usually opted for. I loved watching the History Channel (this is the 90s history channel we're talking about, so no reality TV yet) so much that sometimes I'd fake sick so I could stay home and watch it.

You get bored after a while though, and decide to go back to Nick Jr. so you can hate-watch all the lame kids shows (even though secretly, you kind of like some of them). Oh, look, Allegra's Window is on.

But they're NOTHING compared to Binya Binya Pollywog, who's the star of the next show on deck, Gullah Gullah Island.

No 2000s kids, this lovable character has nothing to do with acid or hallucinogenic drugs. I'm sure it appears that way from the GIF, though.

That was great but-uh oh-it's almost 3:00—once it hit's 3:00, it's basically like the day off is over since you're always home after 3:00 anyway. Now you gotta rush to do as much stuff as possible.

But at least you enjoyed it.

So, please, next time you get a day off from work, try to enjoy it as much as you enjoyed days off from school in the 90's.

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