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    The 18 Most Badass Cars That Are Shaped Like Food

    Not edible but still awesome.

    1. This orange car.

    Here's what the inside looks like.

    2. This Cadbury creme egg car.

    3. This hostess cupcake car.

    4. This epic cheeseburger car.

    5. This keg car.

    6. This root beer car.

    Here's a closeup

    7. The goldfish car.

    8. This corn car.

    9. This vegetable medley car.

    10. The Hershey's Kiss "Kissmobile."

    11. This truck that's shaped like a can of spam.

    12. This Planters peanut car.

    13. This lobster car.

    14. This car shaped like a beer can.

    15. The banana car.

    16. This chicken car.

    17. This car.

    18. And last, but not least, this potato car.