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    Snapshots From The Internet's Awkward Phase

    This is what online life looked like in the 1990's and early 2000's. Before "Web 2.0" and back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark.

    Remember (12/28/1996) (4/13/1997) (4/21/1997) (10/18/1997) (12/6/1998) (12/12/1998) (1/25/1999) (2/8/1999)

    "" (3/1/1999) (4/27/1999)

    Here was one of their commercials:

    View this video on YouTube (4/28/1999) (10/12/1999) (10/13/1999) (9/28/2002) (3/21/2003) (7/1/2004)'s first day (5/9/2005) (8/8/2005) (11/9/2006) (11/12/2006)

    And, finally, BUZZFEED!

    Buzzfeed in its very early days (11/21/2006)

    Here's an excerpt from the "About" page on the same date:

    Here's a cleaner build of the site on 1/7/2007 (SIX years ago!)