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Every Type Of Eggo And Every Piece Of Eggo Merchandise Ever!

Well maybe not every type but damn near close to it.

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Eggos have been a wondrous staple of American breakfast since the 1950s...

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What makes the Eggo so great isn't only flavor, but the versatility of the magnificent, golden, round waffle. There have been many kinds of Eggos over the years, from the mundane to the absurd. There have also been different sorts of Eggo odds-and-ends that either enhance your eggo eating experience or show the world your love for eggos. What are all the different kinds of eggos that existed and what kinds of eggo periphernalia has there been? Let's start with the (undeniably) coolest Eggo of all time...

Yes, it was a real thing. The Hanson eggos were so big they even had their own commercial.

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Eggo jungle pancakes

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They must eat these in the jungle, no doubt.

Apple cinnamon eggo

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